Team Shazoo 006 - Overkillz

A few weeks ago we had Dazfell in the blog, this week we follow up on that episode with a league racer of his, a driver that has been in the organisation since we begun competing in F1, please give a warm welcome to Overkillz.

On - Oneill

Ov - Overkillz

On - Well first of all welcome to the Blog it is finally great to slot you in and have this chat! How are you doing today?

Ov - doing very well mate

On - Can you tell us a little introduction about yourself for the readers?

Ov - well I play on Xbox competing on the F1 side of the team and I have been representing the team for about 7 months now.

On - How long have you competing in the F1 games?

Ov - not a great amount of time to be honest, I was introduced to league racing back on F1 2016 when my first season was with World Online Racing (WOR) and after winning the championship there I took a break from league racing, returning for ILR last season where I became champion there. I am now in my third season of league racing.

On - Of the f1 games do you have a particular favourite?

Ov - F1 2018 has been my favourite purely because of how fast you can drive the cars and how good they feel to drive.

On - throughout your time competing what is your highlight moment?

Ov - either winning the championship in my first season beating the very quick driver Moorso, or snatching the championship away from Hyte with one race left in ILR.

On - And looking forwards, where do you hope you be in terms of racing?

Ov - I wish to compete in the top tiers, and to have pace to stay with the top guys when using no assists and the wheel which I moved to at the start of F1 2018. I had the chance to race in ILR1 earlier this season but I just wasn’t quick enough.

On - When on track who do you consider your nearest rivals and why?

Ov - Friendly rivals I would say the teammates I have in the team as we always want to do better than each other, but league rivalries for me will only appear if I am challenging for the title, so unfortunately I have none at the minute

On - And which track on this years calendar is your favourite?

Ov - definitely Mexico after my drive there in ILR this season. Astonished with my pace round there and I took the win after getting pole in ILR and my teammate making it a 1-2. The second sector also feels amazing to drive on the wheel.

On - Outside of F1 what other games do you enjoy?

Ov - I mostly play popular games like Fifa or Rocket League but I will give anything a go if I think it looks good from trailers or YouTube videos etc.

On - And is there anything in particular you enjoy doing outside of gaming?

Ov - Sport is a big thing for me as it stops me from becoming stuck in my room gaming all the time and so my big interests and sports I take part in is Cricket and Ice Hockey. Sometimes I will do other things with my school friends as well.

On - What does it mean to you being a part of the organisation, and how have you enjoyed your time so far here?

Ov - it means a lot being recognised for something I feel I’m good at and to be introduced into a team with a great reputation outside of F1 I feel privileged to represent the team. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team and I really look forward to the future!

Random Questions

On - leclerc or vettel?

Ov - leclerc for me

On - Winter or Summer?

Ov - bit of both but I prefer colder to warmer so more of the winter side

On - v10 engines or v8 hybrids

Ov - v8 only because I never watched F1 when it was v10

On - pizza or kebab?

Ov - pizza 100%

On - tennis or golf?

Ov - tennis, as I think it’s easier to start the sport

On - Thank you very much for your time today Overkillz that is all we have, but before we go is there anything else you would like to say? Something funny, helpful or inspirational for the readers?

Ov - just to, you know, keep working towards your goals and what you want to achieve. Coming into league racing, I was expecting casual racing, Little did I know 2 years later I would be in a recognised esports team. Make it possible by working hard. Thanks O’Neill

Thank you very much for your time! Below we will link all of Overkill's details so make sure to follow his adventures!

The next Episode of Team Shazoo will feature EFT_Surfer. Any questions put in the comment section below OR @ us on twitter @TeamShazoo.

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