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Welcome to our first weekly round-up, something which will become regular on our website! We will try to cover as much as we can in this post each week as a recap of things that went on.

Rocket league Roster Depart

It has been a mere 3 months since the team entered Shazoo, but sadly we are already saying goodbye, after a lack of competitive action and a struggle to find a 3rd among other problems we mutually agreed to part ways to allow all parties time to find new rosters. The boys will still be playing for shazoo for the remainder of EUCC and we will continue to support them in this event!

Speaking of EUCC, last time out we took home a 3-1 victory over Big Iron after a dominating and clinical series took us to 1-1 in the league.

SRC Round 4 – Monaco

In round 4 of Season 2 it was the first time SRC visited Monaco, but it was an action packed visit that saw Kowalsky Dominate Proceedings with Pole victory and fastest lap. But it wasn’t as smooth as he would have liked with a late safety car and a penalty which saw his win nearly slip away, but producing 2 qualifying laps saw him pull out over 6 seconds to P2 to claim the victory. 

Behind him on track JxkeyB had probably his best drive of the season producing some world class overtakes on an incredibly difficult track to overtake on, and managed to carve his way through from P16 to P2, but again it wasn’t plain sailing with Jxkey at 1 point luckily avoiding a the spinning Ferrari of Critch thanks to his car ghosting. 

To Round out the podium with his first ever SRC podium was Jxkey’s Comrade Gaming teammate Pinecone who executed a perfect strategy and stayed out of trouble which placed him in a 3rd place finish. 

Elsewhere we had some other fantastic drives from Jonas, Dominik, and Dylan to name a few but we also had some drivers get punished brutally by the nature of the Monte Carlo layout. Ronhaar was still struggling to turn qualifying pace into strong points with a huge crash which led to the late safety car late on, meanwhile HRC on his debut unfortunately shook hands with the barrier several times and Ronnepon who at one point was on for some solid points for Team WOR sadly met the same fate with 1 to many meetings with the barrier, eventually retiring with 3 laps to go. 

Aero Departure

It has been 6 Excellent months with Aero onboard the F1 roster. Achieving F1 Challenger series was the greatest feat and has since gone on to have some fantastic results. Also a prominent feature in our team competing in TRSF1, 

He will definitely go down in our history as one of the most consistent drivers you will ever see. A quiet person but a person with a lot of character and knowledge and someone who was very willing to help out others above what was ever expected of him. We can only wish him the best in the future as he seeks a new path and writes his next chapter in esports.

F1 Results

An action packed week saw us take away 4 Victories, 12 Podiums and a lot of points! Ewan extended his dominance of XRT, Midnight took round 2 victory in racespec, meanwhile Dario’s first appearance in ORL saw him take a mighty P2 even finishing ahead of F1 esports Champion Jarno Opmeer. 

New PC academy recruit Jari took P1 in Tier 2 of ORL meanwhile Fleipe was our 4th victor with another winning display in PSR. Over in SRC our boys came home in P5 & P6 with impressive displays that saw us close up on Sync for P3 in the championship.

Shazoo Social Races Announced

As Fridays blog mentioned, Shazoo brings in a new event in Social races, which will be inclusive for all platforms and levels of driver with the aim to bring great community spirit back. Full details of social race will be revealed in the coming days and we will need to wait and see if this turns into a great success or an almighty flop.

Matteo Bellandi Joins ACC Roster

A newer drive to the ACC game Matteo underwent some test sessions with our drivers and it was found that whilst still learning a lot about the game showed some tremendous natural pace and would be a great addition to the team. Over the coming months we will aim to continue improving his level as we press towards some bigger events in the scene. 

Website gets fresh update

With the website evolving we are always looking to add to it and this week we took on the task of adding a SRC section to the site. Coupled with this we have also added in a forum section which we hope to use much more in the coming months for season 3 and other events in the pipeline. 

It has been a week of ups and downs but happily it has been mostly all ups!

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