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Welcome to our weekly round-up, a week that has had lots of announcements and quite a lot for us to cover.

Shazoo Rocket League Qualify for APL Singapore Playoffs

It was a great day for the team as they convincingly took both series 3-0 to head to playoffs! Being favourites of the event the boys will have their work cut out as they will be battling the very best talents in their region but the hard work will continue to try get the boys ready for the finals.

Game 1: 3-0 vs lmao

Game 2: 3-0 vs Spite

Play off Teams:

  • Team Shazoo
  • 1NE: SG
  • Spite


SynstaMike – Streamer


No One 🙂 

F1 Esports Challenger Series

With SRC returning this time out we were on our way to Hungary. It was going to be a great opportunity for teams to try close the gap to BRL however in the dominating fashion they have shown so far this season, BRL took a P1 & P3 and the most points of any team this round/ to make things better for them CRG and Sync both struggled this round with Shazoo, WOR & TSR all being the other big winners. Brilliant races from Leopard and Ewan pulled in the points for their teams from the back row of the grid from qualifying, but the stand-out drivers were jonas and sirah. The safety car did help out Sirah but Jonas was battling for the victory throughout and was unfortunate Sirah was just on top form that day. 

With this round over Shazoo jump Sync and WOR/TSR Both close on the top 4 significantly.. But it is BRL the real winners with a lead in the constructors now of 85 points over CRG.

F1 Results

A busy week just like last time around saw us pick up a total of 12 Podiums & 5 victories. Lots of great races and many points won that we have so far posted. Some drivers picking up there first wins for the team and great progress being shown by others a very positive week for us!

Shazoo Social Races

The final social races for now saw us take to 3 tracks with again plenty of new faces around. A great thing to see was also the fact that we had growing numbers of twitch viewership. 

Race winners of the night:

  • Ronhaar
  • JxkeyB
  • Linuz

We will have announcements coming soon about some plans in the works relating to socials so stay tuned!

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