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Welcome back to the weekly round-up, something which will become regular on our website! We will try to cover as much as we can in this post each week as a recap of things that went on.

Community Night

Back for another night we returned to Rocket League where we had several community members join us and have a good laugh. Best part of the night is just being able to bring everyone together and have a good time.

No follow-up night is confirmed yet but there are plans to in the next few weeks so stay tuned on discord.

SRC Round 5 – France

In round 5 of Season 2 it was again the first time SRC visited Paul Ricard in France, in a qualifying session which saw Kowalsky take back to back pole positions, Lutt and Felipe found Qualifying form and put their cars into P2 & 3. Just behind Limitless also showed strong pace in P4 whilst Vortex Racing Team had a tremendous qualifying compared to recent rounds with the cars in P5 & P6, a prime position for the race. 

Come race day the top 3 managed to maintain that order but behind Critch took a P4 away from Limitless on Penalties and all hell broke loose for the remaining points. A track which offers a lot of close battles and multi-car action France was likely one of the best races this season with so many overtakes going on up and down the field. Several cars made the alternative strategy work but come final decisions CRG came out top dogs managing to nibble into the championship lead BRL hold. 

Across in the drivers championship Kowalsky has taken a strong lead with a 44 point lead over JxkeyB who was absent for the French GP after his title triumph over in WOR.

 Heading into the next event we now have a week off as F1 Challenger Series has returned and when we hit the track once more it will be in Hungary. A third new track of the season. 

F1 Results

A busy week just like last time around saw us pick up a total of 4 victories and 10 Podiums possibly 11 depending on Dario’s appeal. Felipe managed his first podium of the season in SRC whilst we saw victories come in for Hueni. Cryzix and Academy Driver Ace picking up 2 wins all on our PC side. 

Shazoo Social Races Announced

Looming over us tonight is the Shazoo Social Race opener. Welcoming to all in the community we have had great signups for the event and it will be streamed live on our twitch so be sure to check it out! First race will be at Silverstone followed by action over in Spa both 25% races.

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