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Sunday 28th March & 4th April 2021

Welcome to our weekly round-up, after missing last weeks posts we have double the content to get through


Cam (Junior Management)


Mulder (F1 Xbox Roster)

Hyperactive (Head of Content)

Darkkiller (F1 Xbox Roster)


Off to Spa in the previous round teams went into the event aiming to capitalize on BRL’s qualy ban and capitalize they did! BRL had their poorest race of the season only managing to pick up 4 points, the lowest of any team. The big winners of this round actually came from 6th placed team FRA taking 39 points and a victory for Ronhaar after his pole position to cap off a brilliant race. For Shazoo it was a what could have been an event with Felipe making a mistake and hitting a backmarker into turn 1 whilst he was in Net P2. As we head into Silverstone this week, Shazoo will be aiming for a strong result to ensure we can maintain a good gap to the team chasing in 5th & 6th place.

F1 Challenger Series

F1 esports returned to the calendar this last week with us in action on every platform. Tuesday night saw Namechanger take to the track, with 1 point so far this season he was aiming to get back into the points after some brilliant prior races resulting just finishing outside the points. Race 1 he sadly DNF’d but race 2 he got back to the points and took a P9. On Wednesday Ewan on Xbox was aiming to cement his place inside the top 6. Whilst both races were not as well as he hoped, Ewan did bring home a P4 & a P5 meaning plenty of points in his pocket. As he continues to impress. And Thursday on PC Julian was back in action, race 1 saw him take a brilliant P7 despite a Disconnect in Qualy resulting in him starting P14, but race 2 was sadly a DNF but still good points earned amongst some of the best on the platform.

On PS4 we entered a new team event and managed to qualify to the league, race 1 however sadly went against us with a DNF for recon and a P17 for Christmas with a final lap puncture. We will have lots to work on heading into the remaining races but the championship is our aim.


On PS4 we also entered another team event in Campeonatos and again we managed to qualify for the league, with a competitive grid and having to field an under strengthened pair the fabulous drivers of Christmas and Cazuy still managed a brilliant combined lap putting us through as the 7th fastest team. It gives the drivers some great confidence heading into the season and we hope to prove that we are one of the best in this league.

F1 Results

A busy week just like last time around saw us pick up a total of 34 Podiums & 14 victories. Ewans victory in XRT moves him within touching distance of the title, meanwhile podiums for Logic and Viper keep them near the front of the pack in the championship and Cryzix with another F1 maniacs victory should be near certain to take home the title come the final round.

March Performance Programme Winners

The first month of the programme is over and we have a winner from each platform with each of them getting some money for their performances.

  • Felipe
  • Ace
  • NameChanger

Heading into the new month we have made some changes to the league scores and look forward to seeing how this month shapes up. 

Stream Schedule Begins

With SynstaMike moving up to Head of Content he has instantly tackled the Stream Schedule and to great success, the Shazoo Twitch is now active 5 days a week at the moment with 2 hours a stream. It is a brilliant way to catch our members such as BushiAntz, Mike, Flix, Destroyer and more in action on their favourite games!


We also recently re-opened the Patreon and it is now filled with some brilliant additions and features. The most notable of these being that we now have an official Shazoo Podcast!!! One of just many brilliant things included and worth visiting the page to see what else is there.

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