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Welcome to our weekly round-up, a week that has had lots of announcements and quite a lot for us to cover.

Shazoo enters Asia in Rocket League
Not expected by many, but for us it was a brilliant opportunity and a no brainer, We have signed “Three Rats” a professional RL team based in asia. With the scene showing signs of support and growth by Psyonix we took the opportunity to capture arguably the best talent in the region and heading into APL Nationals will be aiming only for the Crown!

Time will tell how well this partnership works but with 1 win already since joining it seems like one which can only flourish!

Logic – Xbox F1 Main Roster
Cindery – Xbox F1 Academy Roster
Nolan Lambert – PC F1 Main Roster
Rocket League Roster

Rocky1k – Content Creator
Humpadink – Xbox F1 Main Roster
Call of Duty Roster – Re-Negotiation Stage

F1 Esports Challenger Series
With SRC on Break week due to Challengers it was time to see how our guys did. On PS4 Dario had 2 sublime races, however race 1 with a penalty saw his overall place drop from P2 to P8. His 2nd race was better off with an overall result of P3. Namechanger also showed his continued improvements despite no points held in some great battles through the races finishing P13 & P12. On Xbox Ewan had its strongest event to date. Very unlucky not to win both races Ewan came away both times with P2 & P2 as well as a pole position. Julian was a reserve and was required this week on PC. His race 1 saw a P10 finish and his first ever challenger series point. Race 2 was sadly a DSQ after a misunderstanding of the rules meant he failed to change tyres despite race conditions changing from wet to dry.

F1 Results
A busy week just like last time around saw us pick up a total of 13 Podiums & 2 victories. Lots of great races and many points won arguably the best week out there was for Ewan with that 1 victory and multiple podiums! Ace also picked up another win in the academy.

Shazoo Social Races
Last Sunday was our first Social Races and it was an overwhelming and fun success. We had some exciting racing and lots of fun with Ronhaar and OMG its Joe taking the victories of the night. Arguably the most enthralling part to watch was the closing 2 laps of the finals race after the track dried out with 2 leaders opting to go for softs and the other 2 remaining on inters.

And with Mulder closing in on the win he had thought a win ws certain until with 3 corners to go OMG Its Joe swept past to storm to a brilliant win.

On Friday Followed our 2nd Social Race event, taking a twist and going old school we hoped into the F2004 and 2010 cars. Also hitting Bahrain short it saw Leopard take victory in that race followed by Mulder taking victory the following one.

As it stands socials have been great fun and brought lots of different faces into the community so next week will be great fun when we return to normal cars.

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