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Sunday 21st March 2021

Welcome to our weekly round-up, a week that has had lots of announcements and quite a lot for us to cover.


Joey (F1 PS4 Roster)

Simon (F1 PS4 Manager



Hitting the Redbull Ring SRC travelled to Austria with teams seeing the race as an opportunity to close in on BRL, with the Domination of Kowalsky this season his race ban was something teams were hoping to capitalize on. The outcome however was the opposite for what teams could hope with BRL taking an eventual P1 through Sirah and Perondi a P2 although demoted to P4 after a penalty applied for an incident which resulted in a DNF for Jonas. Sync once again done a good job through oxtes to gain some points over Shazoo and extend there lead in P2 to the chasing teams, meanwhile Ronhaar was finally able to convert a strong qualifying into a Strong race result. One of the fastest 1 lap drivers on the grid it was great to see him finally earn a result to match that pace with a P3, complemented by teammate Linuz finishing a season best of P7 It was a race of what could have been for some other teams with Rain negating many drivers practice they had been doing for the week. 

F1 Results

A busy week just like last time around saw us pick up a total of 15 Podiums & 7 victories. Plenty of action out on track with highlight victories for Jari in ORL B and Dominik in ERL. The recent results have also made our performance programme much closer heading into the final stages of the month as drivers seek to be crowned driver of the month on their respective platforms.

Shazoo Social Races

No Race this week to go over however we did announce PS4 socials coming on the 28th! With plenty of spaces still available it is definitely an opportunity for everyone to join in and get involved.

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