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Sunday 14th March 2021

Welcome to our weekly round-up, a week that has had lots of announcements and quite a lot for us to cover.

Shazoo Rocket League Champions of  APL Singapore

It was a great day for the team and the organisation as our RL boys were crowned the Champions of Singapore in the APL Regionals. It wasn’t as smooth sailing with some obvious nerves for the big occasion but when it mattered the team were showing the region rightfully why they were top seed. It is the first notable event win for the team under the organisation outside of weekly/monthly cups and hopefully a sign of things ahead

Semi Finals: 3-1 vs Spite

Winners Finals: 3-1 vs 1NE esports
Grand Finals : 4-1 vs 1NE esports


Zelchy (Assetto Corsa)

Bogin (F1 PC Roster)

Kurzy ( F1 PC Academy Roster)


Dario (F1 PS4 Roster)

Rainbow (F1 PC Roster)

Ely (iRacing)


With the return of SRC we found ourselves in Canada, before the race however we sadly found out Comrade Gaming left the league and were replaced by reserve team Streamline Racing Team. Immediately from the offset SRT got into the groove taking Pole Position with HX4K and he controlled a lot of the race until an incident put him right down the order.

It was a race which had lots of action but also lots of drama with stewards being very busy. The eventual race winner was Leopard for Team WOR and it was also a mega round for WOR and TSR who closed right into the top 3 after Shazoo had a very tough round 

Next week we will be heading to Austria but with a big twist, Due to incident outcomes Kowalsky is serving a Race Ban for the track, and the following race he returns will be required to serve a qualy ban due to the number of penalty points he collected.

F1 Results

A busy week just like last time around saw us pick up a total of 16 Podiums & 9 victories. Lots of great races and many points won that we have so far posted. Some drivers continue to show improvements in the game and really develop their skills.

ACC Results

The boys got into action for round 1 of Sim Grid and took a brilliant P3 on the podium around snetterton. It was a race of what could have been with an early incident costing the guys a shot at the victory. 

Shazoo Social Races

This week saw us race for the first time on PC! And although we never got a full lobby we did get a lot of great racing action. It was well received and will definitely lead to more races on the platform!

We will have announcements coming soon about some plans in the works relating to socials so stay tuned!

Chair Giveaway Winner

We announced on the 13th that JumpinJohnathan won the Pro Chair giveaway that we ran! He has accepted the item and will be getting shipment sent soon!

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