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Last week we had Pubg Captain Showgreen, this week we now have one of our F1 drivers, quietly goes about his business at extremely fast speeds please welcome Dazfell.

On – Oneill

Da – Dazfell

On – First of all welcome to the blog can you give us a little introduction as to who you are

Da – First of all thanks for having me. Your right about quietly goes about business I’m not a bigger talker but I’ll do my best. My name is Darren I’m from north west of England. I’m 33 year old self employed mechanic.

On – Lets get right into it, What got you started in League racing?

Da – I used to race with a couple of friends online where the racing was fun but never serious. I’m highly competative and became bored of racing for fun. I then looked into league racing and started of I a community called on the limit community racing and I’ve never looked back since.

On – Is there any particular league you think is the most competitive that your currently racing in?

Da – I couldn’t just pick one league this year because the competition in all leagues is much better than last year. I would say IRR t2 and AOR f5 are by far the quickest drivers I’ve raced against

On – What track do you think suits your style the most?

Da – it seems to be any street circuit suits my style. I don’t have fear for walls which helps

On – In the coming weeks/months what is your aim in league racing?

Da – my aim for this season is to gain as much on track experience as I can then turn the line off after the seasons finish and aim for tier 1 racing eventually

On – Do you have anyone that you consider your rival?

Da – I wouldn say a rival as such but I practice with a few guys Midzy15 , jamieOC2004, X Power and we all want to better each other which helps us get faster

On – What is your setup you use?

Da – I’m not going to go to in detail about my setup but I use a stable setup for most tracks so I’m consistent

On – What else outside of the racing do you enjoy/tend to do?

Da – I have a few hobbies I do a lot of mountain biking, mechanic for stock car racing team. Also I do a lot of remapping of cars

On – And is there other games that you also enjoy playing?

Da – I play some dirt rally but not a lot of anything. I’m f1 through and through

On – What track for you is the best when you get into the groove?

Da – I would say my best track is Monaco I can be quick and keep off the walls there.

Random Questions

On – Imola or istanbul?

Da – istanbul

On – Pizza or Curry?

Da – pizza

On – Skittles or m&ms?

Da – skittles

On – tennis or golf?

Da – tennis

On – pepsi or coke?

Da – pepsi

On – Thank you very much for your time today Dazfell that is all we have, but before we go is there anything else you would like to say? Something funny, helpful or inspirational for the readers?

Da – compete win repeat.

Thank you very much for your time! Below we will link all of Dazfell’s details so make sure to follow his adventures!

The next Episode of Team Shazoo will feature Overkillz. Any questions put in the comment section below OR @ us on twitter @TeamShazoo.

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