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Coming into our entertainment category we are delighted to be inducting Ben into our HoF. Showing huge passion and professionalism throughout his journey within the organisation he has also developed his racing league RNL into one of the most competitive you see today in the F! PC scene. One of the most impressive things about Ben’s journey is the speed in which he has went up with the last year showing his following has double his average viewership has doubled and his recent figures are showing that he is Twitch Partnership ready.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Ben in the organisation as he is a strong fun character with great ideas and positive intentions so it was a proud moment for us seeing Veloce Esports Recognize this and swoop him to take him into there wing.

Since this has happened Ben has gone on to meet some of the people he has looked up to for a long time and has started to develop a very deep passionate community around him which will guarantee future success.


– Peak 205 Viewers

– Follower growth Doubled Past year

– Viewer Averages double in past year and tripled in past few weeks.

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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