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Our First LAN victory ever, and in a dominant fashion! Being Crowned Resonate Champions and thus Scottish Champions was a incredible feat by the team and being the first ever LAN win its worthy of a permanent spot in our history.

Calzafy – Our star player on this roster and probably the tournament MVP Cal showed dominance against all opposition faced, and in any moments when games got a bit tight was composed and collected to make the winning difference.

Freecant – Former player returning specifically for the event he showed up big infront of goal bagging himself a respectable number of finishes. Labelled as the Face of Scottish Rocket League we remember him more in this event for persistently trying to hit resets from roof shots.

Chief – Least experienced competitor in the team but held the defence down brilliantly with some incredible saves in the Grand Final. Bagged himself some cheeky goals in the process and had some neat link-up play with the rest of the team.

Overall these guys showed incredible professionalism and talent which brought home the title and forever known as Scottish Champions


– Scottish Rocket League Champions @ Resonate

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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