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1Hr Coaching with Ryan Grob

1Hr Coaching with Ryan Grob

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My name is Ryan, I'm about to turn 15 years old and I was born in Switzerland. I have been doing sim racing for 2 and a half years. I started out first on a non force feedback wheel up until mid 2021 when I upgraded my setup a to a fanatec.

I've done league Racing for 3 seasons now and have finished P2 in two of them & have managed to develop myself personally from an assist user to a non assist driver competing with very high level drivers on the main PC platform on F1 22.

Coaching from me will include:

- Braking Points
- Potential corrections to your Racing line taken through corners
- A clean Hotlap so you know what it should look like once you put all my tips together
- you can send your lap after the session when you have soaked up all the new tips and then I’ll give you last feedback on how to find the extra tenth or two maybe more!


Coaching Languages Avaiable:
- English
- German

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