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Team Shazoo

1Hr Coaching with Ronzeus

1Hr Coaching with Ronzeus

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Hi I’m Ronzeus, Current F1 engineer & strategist for Team Shazoo on F1 Playstation. I specialize not only in setup development but also strategic development & on-track coaching. 

Some of the key areas of coaching Ronzeus covers:


Setup Knowledge

 - How to make a base setup

- how to make the setup more suited to your driving style

- ins and outs on how functions work in setups.

How to get prepared and approach league races

- Working on your mindset ahead of a race

- Effecient training methods to maximize your time

- Where and how to save time on your laps

- How to find the right braking points

- How to manage your ERS efficiently 


#F122 #Coaching #Esports #Simracing #LeagueRacing 

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