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1Hr Coaching with K.P

1Hr Coaching with K.P

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A Chrom player from Ayrshire, Scotland voted best Chrom player in the United Kingdom, with multiple tournament wins to back it up including a win at the Glasgow monthly Gon Smashin' and the Aberdeen monthly Silver City Smash #15. Widely considered to be top 5 in Scotland, placing 2nd in the latest West of Scotland rankings. I have a drive to improve, and help others improve also. Having earned my Junior Sports Leadership award, which led to me earning my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, i am comfortable in a coaching environment and would love to help you improve your game in SSBU!

Some of the key areas of coaching Griff covers:

- Specialized Samus Match-up Advice & Breakdown

- Replay Analysis

- 1v1s Breakdowns

- Holistic Discussion about mental barriers, stressors & solutions


#SmashUltimate #Coaching #Esports #SWT2022 #LFCoach

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