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1Hr Coaching with Ali

1Hr Coaching with Ali

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My name is Ali, I'm 15 years old born in Sweden and I have been doing sim racing for 3 and a half years. I started out first on a non force feedback wheel up until mid 2021 where I upgraded my setup a to a fanatec. I've held  world records on f1 2021 & have managed to develop myself personally from an assist user to a non assist driver competing with the top drivers on the Xbox platform.


Coaching from me will include;

- Setup Advice & how changing things affects the car

- Setting a car up on each track & in varying weather conditions

- The key steps & practices to turn off your assists

- Realtime feedback during replays/live laps


#F1Coaching #Coaching #Esports #F122 #LFCoach #Simracing

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