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What is it?

The Performance rewards program is a way for drivers to earn the chance to get themselves some money for how they perform on track. We have split this into 2 separate games as the program works totally different in each one.


In f1 it will start with limitations and build out as the program progresses. To begin with, 1 team member per month will win the money which will also start off at something small. leagues will be assigned a difficulty tier and finishing results will accumulate points depending on how high or low you finish, the more difficult the league is the more points available to earn. Bonus points are also earned for a title win, victory and podium. As the programme expands we will look to reward between 3-5 drivers a month and eventually be able to reward drivers as they hit certain performance milestones in a month. No driver is guaranteed to earn any money unless they perform well enough to deserve it. and drivers will hopefully push to be the best.


With a different ecosystem to F1, it needs a different approach, iRacing is arguably the top sim and to help us recruit and also maintain drivers we are using the Performance Rewards Program. For iRacing it is quite simple, If you are competing in Special Events for Shazoo, if you Win the event in your split you will receive a choice of in-game Track or car. If you are in a league and win the title you will again be entitled to a choice of track or car. The overall aim is that we can build up a team which can earn items in game as they win for us!

When will it begin?

The program Details are still being laid out and foundation work is still ongoing, so as it currently stands we are aiming for the program to begin somewhere between March-April time.

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