Creating Legends

Here at the Team Shazoo Coaching academy our aim is to put you on the path towards high level competition. Start your journey today and create your own legend.

  • Plan for the lesson.

    Before you enter coaching sessions with your selected coach, make sure to plan ahead of time what you wish to learn. If you come with something coaches can instantly get to work on your issue.

  • Take personal notes.

    As the session is ongoing make sure to take notes of what the coach is teaching. It is always ideal to have your own form of notes for referencing afterwards.

  • Come Prepared.

    Make sure when you turn up for your session that you have the equipment you require & that it is ready to start.

  • Aaron "Griff" Griffiths

    Aaron is a Scottish Smash Bros: Ultimate player. Considered the #1 Chrom player in the UK, Aaron has had an upswing of a 2022 with some great regional and UK wide results, most recently a 17th place at MCQ9.

  • Christopher "Oneill" O'Neill

    Chris is a Rocket League Ex-Competitive player with over 7 years of RL experience in competitive & coaching environments. A Wealth of knowledge & experience to guarantee your gameplay development.

  • Amy "KP" Carman

    Amy is a Scottish Smash Bros: Ultimate player currently located in USA. Maining Samus, Formerly #1 in Scotland, Amy will help you develop aspects of your gameplay to find those clutch wins & put you at the top of your game.