• Competitive

    23rd Aug | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup 4 | 3rd Place

    25th Aug | MLG EU vs NA Face off | Runner-Up

    30th Aug | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup 5 | 4th Place

    3rd Sep | MLG EU Qualifier | 3rd Place (Qualified)

    13th Sep | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup 7 | 4th Place

    20th Sep | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup 8 | 4th Place

    25th Sep | Gfinity Weekly Cup 4 | 3rd/5th Place

    27th Sep | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup 9 | 4th Place

    1st Oct| MLG Season 1 Group Stage | 3rd Place (Qualified

    2nd Oct | Gfinity Weekly Cup 5 | 3rd/4th Place

    4th Oct | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup 10 | 4th Place

    9th Oct | Gfinity Weekly Cup 6 | 3rd/4th Place

    10th Oct| MLG Season 1 Knockouts | 5th/8th Place

    12th Oct | ESL Go4RL: Sept Finals | 5th/8th Place

    17th Oct | Rocket Royale W1 Qualifier | Winners

    18th Oct | Rocket Royale W1 Finals | 5th/6th Place

    24th Oct | Rocket Royale W2 Qualifier | 3rd/4th Place

  • Organisation

    16th Aug | Team Shazoo was born.

    16th Aug | Oneill, Meeps, Vogan & Skyline Join

    27th Oct | Stocki joins & team signs for Noble Esports

    2nd Dec | #3 on the EU Power Rankings

  • Competitive

    2nd Apr | Gfinity Cup 28 | Winners

    15th Apr | Gfinity Cup 30 | 3rd/4th Place

    25th Apr | Rocket Royale W4 Qualifier | 13th/16th Place

    1st May | RLCS S1 EU Open Qualifier 1 | 13th/16th Place

    2nd May | Rocket Royale W5 Qualifier | 13th/15th Place

    3rd May | Gfinity S.Cup 4 | 3rd/4th Place

    6th May | Gfinity Weekly Cup 33 | 5th/8th Place

    10th May | Gfinity S.Cup 5 | 5th/8th Place

    11th May | Rocket Royale W6 Qualifier | 9th/12th Place

    16th May | Rocket Royale W7 Qualifier | 13th/16th Place

    17th May | Gfinity S.Cup 6 | 5th/8th Place

    21st May | Mock-it Weekly Cup 7 | 5th/6th Place

    29th May | Rocket Royale W8 Qualifier | 9th/12th Place

    5th Jun | Rocket Royale W9 Qualifier | 9th/12th Place

    7th Jun | Gfinity S.Cup 9 | 3rd/4th Place

    11th Jun | Mock-it Weekly Cup 10 | 5th/6th Place

    16th Jun | Gfinity Weekly Cup 1 | 5th/8th Place

    19th Jun | RLCS S1 EU Open Qualifier 2 | 33rd/48th Place

    18th Sep | ESL Go4 Weekly Cup #60 | Runners-Up

    20th Sep | Gfinity 2s Cup | Runners-Up

    9th Nov | RLCS S2 EU Qualifier | 65th Place

  • Organisation

    31st Mar | Team Shazoo is revived with Kaydop & continuum Joining Oneill.

    10th Apr | Twitter reaches 700 Followers

    13th Apr | Kaydop Leaves

    14th Apr | BicycleThief Joins

    18th May | BicycleThief Leaves

    27th May | Luxx Joins

    29th May | Continuum Leaves

    4th Jun | Ash & Senor Join

    5th Jun | Alphaman & Metsanauris Join

    12th Jun | Senor Leaves

    19th Jun | Alphaman, Ash, Metsanauris Leave

    12th Aug | Sacred Joins

    25th Aug | Sacred Leaves

    27th Aug | Mx22 & GerryGoorlap Join

    30th Aug | Toastiapparaat Joins

    5th Sep | AeonHeart Joins

    13th Sep | Gerry Goorlap & toastiapparaat leave & Clint Sinclair Joins.

    5th Oct | Team Disbands

  • Competitive

    12th Apr | Gfinity Contender Cup 8 | 3rd/4th Place

    25th Apr | Gfinity Contender Cup 17 | 3rd/4th Place

    26th Apr | Gfinity Competitor Cup 18 | 3rd/4th Place

    27th Apr | Gfinity Competitor Cup 19 | 5th/8th Place

    1st May | Gfinity Competitor Cup 21 | 5th/8th Place

    15th Jul | Rewind Weekly #28 | 3rd Place

    19th Aug | Rewind Weekly #23 | 3rd Place

    9th Sep | Rewind Weekly #31 | 9th Place

  • Organisation

    11th Feb | Rias Senpai Joins

    21st Feb | Dreame, KingFisher & RatedHDGamer Joins

    2nd Mar | Dreame & Rias Senpai Leave

    7th Mar | Xenon Joins

    8th Apr | ZazzriDH Joins

    11th Apr | RatedHDGamer Leaves

    30th May | KingFisher, Xenon & ZazzriDH Leave

  • Competitive

    15th Jan | Gfinity S3 Competitior Cup 4 (RL) | 3rd/4th Place

    26th April | Gfinity S3 Summers Series Cup 4 (RL) | 9th/16th Place

    6th Aug | The Play (RL) | 33rd Place

    29th Aug | GlobalLoot League S3 Qualifier (PUBG) | 7/14th Place

    17th Sep | Glory4Gamers 3v3 Cup (RL) | Winners

    18th Sep | Globalloot Squad Cup (PUBG) | Runners-Up

    22nd Sep | LegacyLeague W1 (PALADINS) | Victory vs BrutalFissure

    26th Sep | Globalloot Solo (PUBG) | Toni & Showgreen qualify 4th & 8th

    27th Sep | Glory4Gamers 3v3 Cup (RL) | Winners

    29th Sep | LegacyLeague W2 (PALADINS) | Victory vs BloodLussst

    7th Oct | Rocket Baguette 3v3 (RL) | 9th Place

    9th Oct | Globalloot Squad Cup 3 (PUBG) | 4th place

    10th Oct | Glory4Gamers 3v3 Cup (RL) | Winners

    10th Oct | Glory4Gamers 3v3 Cup (RL) | Winners

    14th Oct | Glory4Gamers 3v3 Cup (RL) | Winners

    18th Oct | ESL Paladins Magistrate Cup | 4th Place

    19th Oct | Starladder Amateur Series (PUBG) | 10th place

    20th Oct | LegacyLeague W3 (PALADINS) | Draw vs Leviathan

    21st Oct | Resonate 2v2 LAN | 7th/12th place

    27th Oct | LegacyLeague W4 (PALADINS) | Victory vs aico_esports

    5th Nov | AOR Dirt Championship | Kekse secures promotion to PRO

    12th Nov | AOR Dirt Championship | Kekse Constructors Champion

    28th Dec | Renegade Cup (RL) | Qualified

    18th Dec | LCR Drivers Champion | Waistell

  • Organisation

    14th Feb | Hansen, PrimeHype & Rawvvy Join

    19th Feb | Youtube Channel Opens

    16th Mar | Hansen & Rawvvy Leave

    7th Mar | Shazoo Enters Battalion:1944 Esports scene.

    17th Mar | PrimeHype Leaves

    5th Apr | Shazoo Enters Fortnite Esports Scene

    18th Apr | Shazoo Enters PUBG Esports Scene

    27th Jun | Priseley & Seless join Oneill in RL Team

    16th Jul | Zacapa, Jamie, Tzuyu & Samasakis join as streamers

    12th Aug | Shazoo Enters F1 Esports Scene. Overkillz & Burnout join

    20th Aug | Giangi, AlexHipkin & CamAnderson Join F1 Lineup

    25th Aug | Shazoo Enters Paladins Esports Scene

    26th Aug | Noah joins Rocket League Team

    29th Aug | Surfer & hiscloan join as streamers

    2nd Sep | VforVenereal join as streamer

    3rd Sep | Bahood joins as streamer

    7th Sep | SaltyDevil joins as Youtuber

    9th Sep | Shazoo partners with EsportWorks

    10th Sep | Aztec joins Paladins team

    21st Sep | Switch, Noah & Priseley qualify into Gfinity Elite Draft (RL)

    28th Sep | Gfinity Elite Draft (RL) Noah Drafted by Hashtag United

    28th Sep | Gfinity Elite Draft (RL) Switch & Priseley Drafted by Reason Gaming

    20th Oct | Noah & Switch leave RL team

    24th Oct | SneakyRU joins as streamer

    27th Oct | Chrisjones joins F1 roster

    28th Oct | Rwaggy joins as streamer

    29th Oct | Waistell joins F1 roster

    2nd Nov | Tomos joins F1 roster

    5th Nov | Shazoo join the KontrolFreek Affiliate Program.

    6th Nov | HatakeShake joins as streamer

    29th Nov | Twitter reaches 1,300 Followers

    4th Dec | Freecant joins RL Roster

    13th Dec | Instagram Created

    14th Dec | Hz3rd joins F1 roster

    15th Dec | ChroMatk joins F1 roster

  • Competitive

    12th Jan | PCL Qualifiers (PUBG) | 6th Place

    17th Jan | Globalloot Wingman VI Duos (PUBG) | 5th & 9th Place

    21st Jan | ESL Go4Cup (RL) | Winners

    23rd Jan | Globalloot Wingman VI Duos (PUBG) | 11th Place

    23rd Jan | NEL Season 4 W1 (PUBG) | 11th place

    9th Feb | EpicLan (RL) | Runners-Up

    15th Feb | TSRL Drivers Champion (F1) | KJGamer3

    22nd Feb | SRL Driverss Champion (F1) | ChroMatk

    6th Mar | URC Tier 2 (F1) | Qualified

    9th Mar | ILR Constructors Champion (F1) | Overkillz

    11th Mar | AOR Team Event Trials (F1) | 1st Place

    9th Jun | EsportsManag Cup (RL) | 9th/16th Place

    1th Jun | DRC Drivers Champion (F1) | Meester

    16th Jun | RFLF1 Drivers Champion (F1) | Shwize

    20th Jun | WXL Drivers Champion (F1) | KJGamer3

    22nd Jun | TSRL Drivers Champion (F1) | Waistell

    22nd Jun | WCR Drivers Champion (F1) | Br0wnie

    25th Jun | LOR Drivers Champion (F1) | Kyizi

    20th Jul | Dreamhack Qualifiers (RL) | Qualified via LB

    21st Jul | Scottish Esports League Season 3 (RL) | Champions

    21st Jul | Dreamhack Play-offs (RL) | 9th/16th Place

    24th Jul | EsportsManag Cup (RL) | 3rd/4th Place

    27th Jul | Rival Series Summer Open Qualifier (RL) | Qualified

    28th Jul | Rival Series Summer Open Finals (RL) | 5th/8th Place

    5th Sep | RocketKingdomUK (RL) | Victory vs Infinity Esports

    12th Sep | RocketKingdomUK (RL) | Victory vs Parsec

    15th Sep | AOR 2v2 Cup (RL) | Runners-Up

    15th Sep | RLCS EU Qualifiers (RL) | Qualified via WB

    22nd Sep | RocketKingdomUK (RL) | Victory vs Intellectuals

    25th Sep | RocketRoyale Swiss Stage (RL) | 9th Place

    26th Sep RocketKingdomUK (RL) | Victory vs Parsec

    29th Sep | RLCS Season 8 Play-ins (RL) | 33rd Place

    10th Oct | NPF 2019 (RL) | Runners-Up

    12th Oct | RL Grand Final (RL) | Runners-Up

    18th Oct | Rising Stars (RL) | 4th Place

    20th Oct | EUCC Pre-Season Cup (RL) | Winners

    25th Oct | Esports Champs (RL) | x2 3-1 losses

    29th Oct | EUCC League Play (RL) | Victory vs Envicted

    1st Nov | EUCC League Play (RL) | Victory vs dreaters

    2nd Nov | Rocketcore W3 (RL) | 3rd/4th Place

    4th Nov | Yousee Group Stage (RL) | Victory vs Sorby

    5th Nov | Yousee Group Stage (RL) | Finished 1st in Group

    6th Nov | Rocketcore W4 (RL) | Winners

    9th Nov | EUCC Leauge Play (RL) | Victory vs Zypher Green

    17th Nov | Rocketcore W5 (RL) | 3rd/4th Place

    20th Nov | LCR Drivers Champion (F1) | Leopard

    20th Nov | ERS Drivers Champion (F1) | Jontii

    21st Nov | EUCC League Play (RL) | Victory vs Brexit

    23rd Nov | URL Drivers Champion (F1) | KJGamer3

    25th Nov | LCR Rally Drivers Champion (DIRT) | Leopard

    26th Nov | EUCC League Play (RL) | Victory vs Smorr

    4th Dec | MRC Drivers Champion (RL) | Br0wnie

    6th Dec | Esports Championship Premier League (RL) | Runners-Up

    7th Dec | Shazoo 3v3 Rocket Smash (RL) | 3rd/4th Place

    9th Dec | EUCC League Play (RL) | Victory vs Godalions

    15th Dec | VVDL Drivers Champion (F1) | FrankyPi

    23rd Dec | Fifa Challenges (Fifa) | Xdd7ck Runner-Up

    23rd Dec | Fifa Challengers (Fifa) | Cameronrock 6th Place

  • Organisation

    21st Jan | Amkasa joins as streamer

    22nd Jan | KJGamer joins F1 roster

    28th Jan | New Mascot Logo Revealed

    2nd Feb | Mortem joins as streamer

    5th Feb | JamieOC joins F1 roster

    16th Feb | Meester & Marien join F1 roster

    17th Feb | Rocket League team leave

    25th Feb | Vitto joins F1 roster

    26th Feb | Clonetrooper joins F1 roster

    15th Mar | Ziggy joins as Youtuber

    25th Mar | Roszeey & Midzy join F1 roster

    1st Apr | Chicane joins F1 roster

    1st Apr | Herskari joins Dirt roster

    9th Apr | Shwize joins F1 roster

    11th Apr | Diacore joins as Youtuber

    13th Apr | 2019 Official Jersey Reveal

    22nd Apr | F1 Esports Draft (F1) ChroMatk Qualifies

    22nd Apr | Julien joins F1 roster

    2nd May | Twitter reached 1,500 followers

    7th May | Kai Bachini joins as Youtuber

    13th May | Shazoo partner with RNL & WXL F1 Leagues

    13th May | KinglyD joins F1 roster

    17th May | Roszeey Kicked

    20th May | Calzafy & Inferno join Rocket League roster

    29th May | Sync joins as streamer

    30th May | Overkillz leaves

    8th Jun | ChroMatk leaves

    12th Jun | Zerd joins F1 roster

    14th Jun | Br0wnie & Kyizi join F1 roster

    26th Jun | Humpadink joins F1 roster

    6th Jul | Nathaniel joins F1 academy roster

    7th Jul | Callumg247 joins F1 academy roster

    8th Jul | Blue joins F1 academy roster

    10th Jul | Shazoo Enters iRacing,

    10th Jul | Elijah joins iRacing roster

    11th Jul | Asumz joins as streamer

    12th Jul | RIakkonen joins iRacing roster

    17th Jul | ChroMatk selected by Red Bull Racing (F1 Esports)

    17th Jul | Freecant Interviewed by BBC.

    27th Jul | Jontii joins F1 roster

    31st Jul | F1Giangi joins F1 roster

    1st Aug | BoyschoolQ joins Rocket League roster

    8th Aug | Dark Demise joins as streamer

    8th Aug | Haze joins F1 roster

    12th Aug | Falcetti joins as streamer

    12th Aug | Jorn joins F1 Academy roster

    14th Aug | RyanL83 join as streamer

    14th Aug | Jollyyy joins F1 roster

    5th Sep | R1ck joins F1 roster

    11th Sep | Rwayy join Veloce

    11th Sep | ChrisJones & Clonetrooper leave

    15th Sep | EarnedRock joins as streamer

    15th Sep | Tzuyu moves upto Community Manager

    18th Sep | Oneill mentioned in the Rocket League Community Spotlight

    30th Sep | Rocket League roster depart

    8th Oct | JORN promoted to F1 main roster

    8th Oct | Kieeu joins as a streamer

    8th Oct | FrankyPi joins F1 academy roster

    11th Oct | Madssssss, matsgrey, rexo & creamyy join Rocket League

    18th Oct | Shazoo reveal Rocket Smash (RL) event

    19th Oct | Danny joins F1 academy roster

    20th Oct | Zones joins F1 roster

    30th Oct | Leopard joins F1 roster

    5th Nov | Waistell leaves

    24rd Nov | Sirah joins F1 roster

    29th Nov | Juho joins as Scout

    4th Dec | Shazoo Enters Fifa

    4th Dec | Dd7x joins Fifa roster

    10th Dec | Fveerkamp joins as Video Editor

    25th Dec | Shazoo enters Call of Duty

    7th Dec | Exilium wins Rocket Smash (RL)

    15th Dec | Shazoo Enters MotoGP Esports

    15th Dec | Dicer joins MotoGP roster

    15th Dec | Ferrari joins F1 roster

    15th Dec | Cameronrock joins Fifa roster

    18th Dec | Jeltech joins F1 roster

    23rd Dec | Milkycereal joins as Youtuber

    26th Dec | CVW joins Dirt roster

    26th Dec | Wezza joins as streamer

    29th Dec | LCR Driver of the Year: Leopard

  • Competitive

    18th Jan | DramaRLert & RocketKingdom Cup (RL) | 5th/8th Place

    20th Jan | AOR Drivers Champion (F1) | Humpadink

    23rd Jan | DRC Drivers Champion (F1) | Meester

    24th Jan | TSRL Drivers Champion (F1) | KJGamer3

    25th Jan | Call of Duty World League: Challengers (COD) | Defeat LB Round 2

    25th Jan | nicecactus cup 32 (RL) | 9th/16th Place

    26th Jan | RLCS Season 9 Qualifiers (RL) | Play-ins Secured via WB

    8th Feb | Bathurst 12H (iRacing) | DNF

    11th Feb | ERC Season 1 ( F1) | Runners-Up

    13th Feb | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Match Victory

    16th Feb | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs Keba

    17th Feb | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Loss vs roots

    20th Feb | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs Infernal

    25th Feb | Challengermode Cup (Fifa) | Cameron Crowned Winner

    28th Feb | nicecactus cup 34 (RL) | 3rd/4th Place

    28th Feb | VRSeries Drivers Champion (F1) | Herskari

    29th Feb | ZH22 Events (R6) | Victory vs Romanians

    29th Feb | Omni Nation Rocket Cup 10 (RL) | 5th/8th Place

    1st Mar | BMW 120 Sebring (iRacing) | 16th Place

    2nd Mar | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs Verios

    3rd Mar | ZH22 Events (R6) | Victory vs diregg

    6th Mar | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs 5scients

    19th Mar | ESEA Open Playoffs (CSGO) | Defeat vs AthaimGG

    27th Mar | EEG Champion (Fifa) | Cameronrock

    4th Apr | ZH22 Events (R6) | Victory vs Lunar Esports

    4th Apr | Funcup (Fifa) | Cameronrocks crowned Winner

    9th Apr | ESNL Groups (CSGO) | Victory vs LuciferOrg

    11th Apr | ZH22 Events (R6) | Victory vs Vengeful Esports

    16th Apr | FORL Drivers Champion (F1) | Ewan

    30th Apr | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs SlickEU

    3rd May | ESN Playoffs (CSGO) | Match Defeat

    3rd May | SPA 6HR (iRacing) | Champions

    7th May | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs egorising

    9th May | ValorantCentral Cup (Val) | Winnenrs

    10th May | Liquid Cup (Val) | Runners-Up

    15th May | ZH22 Events (R6) | League Stage Winners

    16th May | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs Eam Original

    17th May | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs haptiC

    20th May | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Loss vs myrevenge

    31st May | ZH22 Events Playoffs (R6) | 3rd Place

    31st May | AOR F3 Drivers Champion (F1) | Rainbow

    9th Jun | ERS Season 2 (F1) | Runners-Up

    22nd Jun | DRC Drivers Champion (F1) | Jontii

    27th Aug | eRacingTurkey Drivers Champion (F1) | Ulas

    30th Aug | Sebring 6Hr (iRacing) | Champions

    8th Sep | AOR Pro-AM Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Daan Aalpoel

    8th Sep | AOR Team Standings (iRacing) | 4th Place

    16th Sep | TRSF1 Qualifiers (F1) | Qualified 4th Place

    26th Sep | Dirt Rally World Series (Dirt) | 3 drivers top 12

    27th Sep | Liga Pro Drivers Champion (F1) | Felipe

    8th Oct | ESEA Open (CSGO) | Victory vs Team Midgame

    9th Nov | PSGL F2 Drivers Champion (F1) | Tomato

    30th Nov | BUSR Drivers Champion (ACC) | KJGamer3

    30th Nov | BUSR Constructors Champion (ACC) | Team Shazoo

    2nd Dec | Honda Turkey Champion (F1) | Ulas

    11th Dec | RLCS X Regional 3 Qualifier (RL) | Qualified to Day 3

    12th Dec | RLCS X Regional 3 Play-ins (RL) | 48th/64th Place

    15th Dec | BRL Drivers Champion (F1) | Felipe

    18th Dec | SRC Season 1 (F1) | 3rd Place

    31st Dec | The Field S5 (RL) | 15th Place

  • Organisation

    2nd Jan | Shwize & Kyizi leave

    3rd Jan | Revo joins F1 roster

    3rd Jan | Ranofka joins Dirt roster

    7th Jan | Sulyvann joins Dirt roster

    8th Jan | Twitch Channel achieves Affiliate

    12th Jan | Madssssss, Skyy, Rexo & Switch join Rocket League

    23rd Jan | Gamersapparel store opens

    5th Jan | Zitvx joins F1 roster

    27th Jan | GT Omega Racing Sponsorship begins

    27th Jan | Call of Duty team disband

    4th Feb | Ulas joins F1 roster

    9th Feb | Leopard leaves

    10th Feb | Shazoo enters CS:GO

    10th Feb | Sash, Reegan, Menace, Ash & Lowen join CSGO

    10th Feb | Nick joins iRacing roster

    12th Feb | Lejlo joins Dirt roster

    14th Feb | Typhooon & Acronik join Rocket League

    18th Feb | Shazoo enters Rainbow 6: Seige

    18th Feb | Chappy, Feltrix, Extinctal, Flawy & Vepuls join Rainbow 6

    18th Feb | JORN leaves

    23rd Feb | Sirah leaves

    23rd Feb | Allrounder joins F1 roster

    23rd Feb | Kasper joins iRacing roster

    5th Mar | Pietro joins F1 roster

    6th Mar | Jjl joins iRacing roster

    6th Mar | Crusix joins F1 roster

    7th Mar | Chriis joins F1 roster

    8th Mar | Krisito joins F1 roster

    9th Mar | Jerry joinns F1 Academy roster

    10th Mar | Hall of Fame Introduced

    28th Mar | SRSC S2 Revealed

    30th Mar | Hall of Fame Class of 2015 revealed

    31st Mar | Hall of Fame induction: Nicholas Longuet

    1st Apr | Hall of Fame inductino: Rwaggy

    2nd Apr | Hall of Fame induction: KJGamer3

    3rd Apr | Ewan joins F1 roster

    4th Apr | Hall of Fame induction: Bicyclethief

    5th Apr | Hall of Fame induction: Calzafy, Freecant, Chief

    9th Apr | Horizon joins iRacing roster

    12th Apr | Zerd & Sgarky join iRacing roster

    19th Apr | Shadow joins F1 roster

    22nd Apr | Rainbow joins F1 Academy roster

    22nd Apr | Streez joins F1 roster

    23rd Apr | Hall of Fame induction: Jorn

    25th Apr | SRSC S2 Champions: Wompers

    26th Apr | Hall of Fame induction: Kaydop

    30th Apr | Hall of Fame induction: Metsanauris

    1st May | Hyperactive joins as streamer

    1st May | KontrolFreek partnership upgrades to Specialist

    4th May | Shazoo enters Valorant

    4th May | Bjorly, scoutmeister, jaky, vattenfrane & derspo join Valorant

    14th May | Hall of Fame induction: Bahood

    18th May | Valorant roster dropped

    21st May | Hall of Fame induction: Kekse

    21st May | Wessell joins iRacing roster

    21st May | Schiff joins iRacing roster

    26th May | Aalpoel joins iRacing roster

    4th Jun | Shazoo Racing Championship Season 1 announced

    14th Jun | Federcio joins as streamer

    5th Jul | Twitter reached 2,000 followers

    6th Jul | PhillipB joins as a streamer

    6th Jul | Overkills rejoins F1 roster

    12th Jul | Cryzix joins F1 roster

    14th Jul | Felipe joins F1 roster

    23rd Jul | Shazoo Facebook created

    25th Jul | Craig Dancy leaves

    30th Jul | DannyF31 joins F1 roster

    30th Jul | Lars, Eltink Masiina join F1 roster

    3rd Aug | F1 Academy closes

    3rd Aug | Mulder joins F1 roster

    11th Aug | Tomato joins F1 roster

    12th Aug | Volcanic joins as Youtuber

    13th Aug | Revo, Ewan, Chriis reach F1 esports Draft

    13th Aug | Bushiantz joins as Youtuber

    14th Aug | VNX joins as Graphic Designer

    14th Aug | Andi joins F1 roster

    20th Aug | Haze leaves & joins Mclaren Shadow Esports

    26th Aug | Revo leaves & joins Sauber F1 Esports

    30th Aug | Joost joins F1 roster

    2nd Sep | Baliner & Wentink joins F1 roster

    4th Sep | Aero joins F1 roster

    8th Sep | Shadow leaves

    18th Sep | Thomas Lagny joins iracing roster

    20th Sep | Andy Rx4 joins Dirt roster

    2nd Oct | Surface & Getowned join F1 roster

    23rd Oct | Lars leaves

    27th Oct | Rocky1k_ joins as streamer

    28th Oct | Shazoo enters Asseto Corsa: Competizione

    29th Oct | JSR joins ACC roster. KJGamer3 switches to ACC from F1

    29th Oct | Destroyer joins as streamer

    9th Nov | CSGO Roster disbands

    10th Nov | Miles joins as General Manager

    19th Nov | ShazooRacingChampionship S2 Teased

    26th Nov | Mercbeamz, Fayble, Russ, Kota join Call of Duty

    7th Dec | Cher Beckles joins as streamer

    7th Dec | Painyyy, Hylia & Choke join Rocket League

    7th Dec | Joost & Wentink dropped

    10th Dec | Br0wnie, Jeltech, Crusix, Nico leave

    20th Dec | Recon & Midnight join F1 roster

    23rd Dec | Cazuy joins F1 roster

    25th Dec | Dario joins F1 roster

    28th Dec | Qio-Tiago Marteau joins iRacing roster

    28th Dec | Call of Duty team disband

    31st Dec | FRA Esports Sponsor SRC Season 2

  • Competitive

    11th Jan | Hyper Cup (FN) | 286th Globally

    26th Jan | EEG Cod League (COD) | Victory vs FiveElements

    27th Jan | EEG Cod League (COD) | Defeat vs ExceptionalDE

    30th Jan | EUCC League (RL) | Defeat vs NoxeSports

    1st Feb | EEG Cod League (COD) | Defeat vs Clarify

    2nd Feb | EEG Cod League (COD) | Defeat vs orgless

    10th Feb | EUCC League (RL) | 2 Match Victories

    14th Feb | EUCC League (RL) | Victory vs Damage INC

    15th Feb | Daytona 500 (iRacing) | 7th Place

    27th Feb | Nicecactus Clash: Asia 10 (RL) | Winners

    7th Mar | APL Singapore National: Qualifier (RL) | Qualified 1st Place

    9th Mar | AOR Tier 3 Drivers Champion (ACC) | KJGamer3

    14th Mar | APL Singapore National (RL) | Champions

    21st Mar | MundoGT Qualifiers (F1) | Qualified 2nd Place

    28th Mar | CampeonatosMGP Qualifier (F1) | Qualified 7th place

    17th Apr | EoS 2Hr Nurburgring (ACC) | 10th Place

    20th Apr | XRT Drivers Champion (F1) | Ewan

    20th Apr | LNR Drivers Champion (F1) | Ace

    24th Apr | Overlap Cup 2 (RL) | Runners-Up

    23rd May | Spa LMP2 6HR (iRacing) | Champions

    28th May | SRC Season 2 (F1) | 3rd Place

    10th June | FNL Ignition Championship R1 (F1) | P1 & P3

    15th Jun | Formula Euro Drivers Champion (F1) | Midnight

    15th Jun | SLR Drivers Champion (F1) | Jari

    20th Jun | FNL Ignition Championship R2 (F1) | P1 & P16

    25th Jun | FNL Ignition Championship R3 (F1) | P1 & P5

    25th Jun | FNL Ignition Drivers Champion (F1) | Z0nes

    25th Jun | EuropeanRacingSeries Drivers Champion (F1) | GetOwned

    29th Jun | ARL F3 Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Qio-Tiago Marteau

    1st Jul | FNL Ignition Team Champions (F1) | Team Shazoo

    1st Jul | FNL Ignition Championship R4 (F1) | P2 & P4

    13th Jul | FNL Ignition Championship (F1) | 1st Place by 30 points

    16th Jul | Platinum Racing League Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Teemu

    7th Sep | iGP Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Qio-Tiago Marteau

    10th Sep | PSGLxVRT Cup Qualifiers (F1) | 1st place

    15th Sep | ApesRacingAcademy F3 Drivers CHampion (iRacing) | Qio-Tiago Marteau

    4th Oct | Spa 6HR (iRacing) | 3rd Place

    12th Nov | Porsche Cup Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Qio-Tiago Marteau

    16th Nov | 2s Drivers Champion (ACC) | Poosch

    19th Nov | Precision Racing League Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Alex Fournier

    20th nov | 12HR Bathurst (ACC) | 8th Place

    30th Nov | iGPFun Drivers Champion (iRacing) | Qio-Tiago Marteau

    5th Dec | iGPFun Team Champions (iRacing) | Team Shazoo

    11th Dec | ORL CIS Drivers Champion (F1) | OneSecond

    15th Dec | AOR Season Result (ACC) | 12th Place

    16th Dec | Comicrazy 78 (SSBU) | Griff 1st & Octave 3rd Place

    18th Dec | Ubcesports weekly | BigD Runner-Up

    18th Dec | Renzoku Doubles Cup Champions (SSBU) | Machu & Opsine

    19th Dec | VanisleImpact Singles Champion (SSBU) | Machu

    20th Dec | Konquest (SSBU) | Octave Runner-Up

    21st Dec | KATS LAN (SSBU) | 3rd Place K.P

    21st Dec | Rp1 Drivers Champion (F1) | Noctis

    21st Dec | Racespec Drivers Champion (F1) | Jackz

  • Organisation

    2nd Jan | Rocket League team Promoted to the Field Division 2

    3rd Jan | NCJ joins as Rocket League Coach

    5th Jan | Hall of Fame induction: BushiAntz

    6th Jan | Hall of Fame induction: Louis, Lejeune, Sulyvann

    7th Jan | Slumpii joins as streamer

    7th Jan | Viper & Joker join F1 roster

    9th Jan | Flix & Reflix join Fortnite

    10th Jan | Wauters joins F1 roster

    11th Jan | Luca joins F1 roster

    13th Jan | Ianboy joins Management

    13th Jan | Julian joins F1 roster

    13th Jan | RyanL83 departs

    19th Jan | Christmas joins F1 roster

    19th Jan | New website

    20th Jan | Slamslider joins as Youtuber

    26th Jan | Performance Program Announced

    28th Jan | F1 Academy returns

    29th Jan | Connor Eddy joins F1 Academy roster

    30th Jan | Mashiro, Koen, Corne & Richie join F1 Academy roster

    31st Jan | Dominik joins F1 roster

    4th Feb | Darkkiller joins F1 roster

    4th Feb | Shifttitan joins as streamer

    5th Feb | Twitch reaches 500 followers

    8th Feb | Jari joins F1 Academy roster

    9th Feb | Hueni joins F1 roster

    10th Feb | Rocket League roster Disband

    12th Feb | Aero leaves

    23rd Feb | Nolan Lambert joins F1 roster

    26th Feb | Logic & Cindery join F1 roster

    27th Feb | LCT, Ballerrees & Maxeew join Rocket League

    5th Mar | Youtube reaches 300 Subscribers

    7th Mar | SynstaMike joins as streamer

    9th Mar | Twitter reaches 2,600 followers

    9th Mar | Milan joins F1 roster

    10th Mar | Kurzy joins F1 roster

    12th Mar | Bogin joins F1 roster

    13th Mar | Dario leaves

    14th Mar | Zelchy joins ACC roster

    14th Mar | Tomato leaves

    16th Mar | Jari & Simon join F1 roster

    17th Mar | Twitch reaches 900 followers

    19th Mar | Joey joins F1 roster

    27th Mar | Hyper leaves

    1st Apr | Twitch reaches 1,000 followers

    3rd Apr | Cam joins F1 roster

    6th Apr | Koen promoted to F1 main roster

    10th Apr | Andi leaves

    22nd Apr | Ducky joins as streamer

    27th Apr | Ville leaves

    28th Apr | Nictansh joins as streamer

    30th Apr | Taleman joins iRacing roster

    30th Apr | Dampbell joins as streamer

    1st May | Findayum joins F1 roster

    1st May | Jehku & Myllykangasss join iRacing roster

    4th May | Miche joins F1 roster

    5th May | Christian leaves

    5th May | Cryptic joins as Tiktok Assistant

    15th May | Ace promoted to main roster

    15th May | Slumpii leaves

    17th May | Julian leaves

    17th May | Team Shazoo LTD is officially formed

    18th May | Nomsi joins F1 roster

    25th May | Vexit joins F1 roster

    27th May | Rocket League roster disband

    28th May | Agonized joins F2 roster

    2nd Jun | Jackz & Chilly joins F1 Academy roster

    2nd Jun | Krisito, Pietro, Jontii, Connor, Surface, Maddox, Cryzix, Chriis & Nolan Lambert leave.

    2nd Jun | Cindery Promoted to main F1 roster

    7th Jun | JSR leaves

    16th Jun | Midnight leaves

    17th Jun | Lewis Dykes joins ACC roster

    17th Jun | Leopard rejoins F1 roster

    28th Jun | LennyPNR joins F1 roster

    7th Jul | Corne Promoted to F1 Main roster

    8th Jul | Olaf Socko joins F1 roster

    9th Jul | Bushiantz hits 10k Subs on Youtube

    11th Jul | Itsmarq joins as F1 engineer

    15th Jul | Lewis Edwards joins ACC roster

    15th Jul | Scottish Esports Hub Focus - Shazoo

    15th Jul | Oggiano joins F1 roster

    16th Jul | AlpOzkaya joins iRacing roster

    17th Jul | Leon Bentley joins management

    20th Jul | Alx bud joins as F1 engineer

    20th Jul | SS_Bluefoxx joins as streamer

    26th Jul | Ben joins as F1 engineer

    26th Jul | James joins as streamer

    26th Jul | Risqie joins F1 roster

    29th Jul | Z0nes leaves

    29th Jul | Neon joins F1 roster

    31st Jul | Twitter reaches 3,000 followers

    2nd Aug | Hueni leaves

    5th Aug | Tsvetkov joins F1 roster

    6th Aug | Its4kGFX joins as designer

    6th Aug | CarterLundy joins F1 roster

    6th Aug | Sustainable steps wih Gamersapparel

    9th Aug | Christian Sendell joins F1 roster

    10th Aug | Official iRacing livery reveal

    10th Aug | Matt3r joins management

    10th Aug | vdmeer joins F1 Academy

    11th Aug | Chilly promoted to F1 main roster

    13th Aug | vdmeer removed

    20th Aug | Bytr joins as F1 engineer

    21st Aug | Destroyer joins fortnite

    22nd Aug | Risqie removed cheating scandal

    22nd Aug | AlexFournier joins iRacing roster

    27th Aug | Miles leaves

    27th Aug | Cortez joins F1 Academy

    27th Aug | Felipe leaves

    27th Aug | Joel joins iRacing roster

    28th Aug | Jari leaves

    5th Sep | JQR joins iRacing roster

    5th Sep | Brock joins F1 roster

    6th Sep | Bushiantz leaves

    9th Sep | Ace leaves

    10th Sep | GetOwned leaves

    11th Sep | Kazizzle joins F1 roster

    11th Sep | Adiearo leaves

    15th Sep | Former Driver Dario joins AlphaTauri F1 esports

    20th Sep | Milan joins F1 roster

    21st Sep | Noctis & Nations joins F1 Academy roster

    22nd Sep | OneSecond joins F1 roster

    27th Sep | ShazooRacingChampionship S3 Sign-Ups Open

    29th Sep | Sparxv joins F1 roster

    5th Oct | FRA Esports sponsor SRC S3 Hotlap

    11th Oct | Jehkuu leaves

    12th Oct | D1w1so joins ACC roster

    14th Oct | GT Omega title sponsor SRC S3

    15th Oct | Matteo Longuet joins F1 roster

    18th Oct | Clausen joins Management

    18th Oct | Kurzy & Chilly leave

    21st Oct | Chris Witkowski joins ACC roster

    26th Oct | Poosch joins ACC roster

    1st Nov | F1 Esports Challengers Qualified - Luca, Corne & Jackz

    3rd Nov | Clausen leaves

    6th Nov | Teemu joins Raceclutch

    10th Nov | Andrea promoted to main F1 roster

    12th Nov | Bryon Woolley joins iRacing roster

    14th Nov | Taleman leaves

    16th Nov | Jeroen joins GFX designer

    16th Nov | Shazoo start offsetting via Ecologi

    19th Nov | Rebranding announced

    19th Nov | Kerem joins management

    22nd Nov | Markus Thaule joins F1 roster

    25th Nov | Alistair Hay joins iRacing roster

    27th Nov | Shazoo enters Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

    27th Nov | Big D signs for SSBU roster

    28th Nov | Machu joins SSBU roster

    3rd Dec | BrynEvans joins ACC roster

    5th Dec | Milan promoted to F1 main

    6th Dec | Qio-Tiago marteau leaves

    15th Dec | Proving Grounds Revealed

    15th Dec | Ander & JamesRodgers join SSBU roster

    16th Dec | 100+ trees planted on ecologi

    16th Dec | Octave & Griff join SSBU roster

    17th Dec | K.P joins SSBU Roster

    18th Dec | Corne leaves

    19th Dec | R3iar joins ACC roster

    19th Dec | Tom Roberts joins F1 roster

    21st Dec | Opsine joins SSBU roster

    31st Dec | Lagriffe & Jona join F1 roster

  • Competitive

    Coming Soon

  • Organisation

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