Hey Everyone!

Here at Shazoo we have been working hard in the F1 scene to grow our esports roots. We currently field a total of 14 drivers across 2 platforms plus 2 additional affiliate drivers for the URC esports league.

We do however believe it is time to give something back to the community themselves, so behold overtake of the week! A weekly YouTube series focusing on the top 10 clips entered each week by the F1 Community + 1 monthly Top 10 video.

This series will work in the following way.

– Send your overtake clip into Shazoo public discord channel #overtakeoftheweek.

– Maximum of 3 entries per week (ANY BEYOND THE 3RD WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED)

– 1 video produced each week of the top 10 plays sent in the prior week

– judged by Rwaggy, Amkasa & Shazoo Owner Oneill, with special guest judges in the future

– 1 Monthly top 10 overtakes of the month voted for on twitter/alternative arrangements.

This is something we think the community will hopefully love and fully get involved with, learning more about us in the process as we begin seeing new faces appear. Once the OOTW is solidified and consistent we will be looking to arrange some special prizes for very specific and special occasions so a lucky winner on those events receives a wonderful goody or several!

Stay tuned for further information on when the first week video will take place including a set date, opening of clip posted to #overtakeoftheweek channel, Future plans for prizing & more!

In the mean time get your passing boots on, drift uncontrollably down the straights and overtake in style.

Team Shazoo Discord: https://discord.gg/MWBSNky

Team Shazoo Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZZoYa1EwfRtN8MxHu2Am7g

Team Shazoo Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamShazoo

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