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He landed in Shazoo with an almight bang, set the stages alight in AOR esport league and walked into the distance with the SRL & AOR Christmas Cup Titles. Nicolas was arguably the greatest racing talent we have so far had on roster and with such raw talent it was always going to be a matter of time before he made it to the top.

That he did in fantastic fashion, first qualifying for F1 Esports Pro Draft, he then got signed up by the Red Bull Racing team finishing an important P2 at Monza helping the team claim the Constructors Championship from rivals Ferrari. Considered widely as one of the best talents on the esports scene he has now been picked up by Renault Vitality F1 and is looking forwards to the draft season ahead.

Nicolas has a bright future but in his time at Shazoo he created a legacy, and stamped a impression on the team which is still felt today.


– SRL Champion

– AOR Christmas Cup Champion

– Qualified F1 Pro Draft

– Signed by Red Bull Racing

– 2nd at Monza Pro Race

– Signed by Renault Vitality for 2020

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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