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May 2021

A Revamped Blog Post we will now be covering the full month within 1 blog post, starting with the month of May just coming to a close!


Michele (F1 Driver)

Lesty (Social Media Assistant)

AJ (Graphics Designer)

Nomsi (F1 PC)

Vexit (F1 PC)

Agonized (F1 Xbox Academy)

Teemu (iRacing)

Jehku (iRacing)

Talemen (iRacing Manager)

Herskari (iRacing)


With Contracts Expiring tomorrow for several members today marks the last day for them here in the organisation, on top of that we have also had other members also depart throughout the month.

Destroyer (Fortnite Player/Streamer)

LCT (Rocket League)

Maxeew (Rocket League)

Ballerrees (Rocket League)

Krisito ( F1 Xbox)

Pietromatto (F1 Xbox)

ConnorEddy (F1 Xbox Academy)

Jontti (F1 PC)

Cryzix (F1 PC)

Julian (F1 PC)

Surface (F1 PS4)

Slumpii (Twitch Streamer)

Cher (Twitch Streamer)

Glytch Energy Sponsorship

It has been an exciting month inside shazoo, with the continued growth of the brand and the team officially listed as a business everything seems to be heading in the right direction and this sponsorship supports that idea. Glytch Energy is an American based Energy Supplement company, catering to gamers with the aim to provide a product which all gamers can benefit from and in a healthy way. 

Whilst the current stage of the sponsorship is on a trial period we believe that moving forwards with new things we have appearing that this sponsorship could be one which has the potential to remain for a while. 

You can check out Glytch Energy products HERE and use discount code SHZ for 20% off your order.

F1 2020


We have a lot of racing in SRC to get through and the standings are looking very close to crowning champions after the 2. For race 1 it was time for the American GP. The race was as thrilling as the season  has been all the way through with Ronhaar taking his second victory of the season after a superb drive giving FRA some needed points. Jonas came home in P2 which is a superb result not only for him but his team TemposuchtR and finally Lilley came home in P3 after dropping a place from P2 for VRT! For race 2 at Japan we saw LCR_Lepord take the victory after a great drive from P3, Felipe finishing in P2 from P6 for yet another great podium which helps Shazoo keep hold of P2 in the championship and Kowalsky came home in P3 which outs BRL within touching distance of the title which could be wrapped up in the next race! For the third race of the month it was the penultimate race of the season in azerbaijan. The stars of qualifying were oxtes and viperx who lined up on the front row looking to convert their starting positions into potential wins with the shazoo boys of felipe and Kristio in P7 and P11 respectively. As for the race itself we saw Oxtes drive a mega race to convert his pole position into a race win for him and the Sync team with Mulder and Leopard coming home in P2 and P3 collecting the runners up steps on the podium. This race was also where we saw BRL incredibly crowned champions after an incredible season for the team producing results all season long and really deserved to win. As for felipe and Kristio, they both drove very well finishing in P5 and P9 respectively scoring double points for shazoo. And now for the final race of the season but also the Grand Finale of SRC Season 2 where it was oxtes, felipe and kowalsky battling one last time for the drivers title in Brazil! For qualifying it could not have started better for Kowalsky as he lined up on pole position ahead of Sirah with his rivals felipe in 4th and oxtes down in 10th. As for the race it was nothing short of brilliant. Kowalsky took the race win ahead of Sirah and Oxtes who fought brilliantly through the field to gain a podium but it was not enough as Kowalsky’s win crowned him divers champion of SRC 2! He really deserved the championship after being strong all season long. As for Shazoo, our boys came home in P4 and P12. SRC Season 2 is now over and we cannot wait for SRC Season 3!


For Christmas and Recon It was time for the Spanish GP. All round it was a difficult session for both this week as the mixed conditions and the track as a whole clearly did not suit them. Recon and Christmas both finished out of the points after a wet grand prix with Christmas coming home in 12th and Recon coming home in P16. The drivers will surely push hard next race to bounce back and leave this bad result as a distant memory.

For the second race of the month and after a week’s break it was time for our driver pairing of Maddox and Christmas to head to the tight streets of Monaco in an attempt to score a good result. In Qualifying it was mixed emotions as it was thrilling for Maddox after a superb attempt placed him at the heights of he front row in P2 just 11 thousandths behind pole position but Christmas struggled and qualified down in P13 needing a good strategy to work his way up the field in the race. As for the race, it was simply perfect for Maddox who took the victory at the most prestigious track on the calendar after a calculated and clean drive to lift the biggest trophy, however for Christmas, it was despair as he finished 17th in what was a very difficult session for him and one he will want to forget.


For the first week in this roundup it was time for the Japanese GP for our drivers lineup of Christmas and Wauters. The lads had already done a great job before the race had even started after placing their cars in P3 and P9 respectively, setting them up nicely for the race start. And they were not disappointing. Christmas and Wauters put on magnificent drives with Christmas coming home in P2 securing a well deserved podium and a great race from Wauters finishing in P5 improving by 4 positions from the start.

For the race on the 16th May it was time for the British GP and we made a complete driver lineup change with Midnight and Rexon coming in for this race. It was a difficult qualifying session for the two as we say Midnight qualified 15th and Recon 17. The race on the other hand was a mixed bag of emotions for the team. Sadly Recon didn’t see the chequered flag which ended a difficult session for him whereas Midnight drove an incredible race fighting all the way up to P7 securing well deserved points! For the third week in Campeonatos it was time for the Belgian GP with our lineup of Midnight and Koen heading into the session looking for a strong result. Qualifying was very promising for the pair as midnight managed a brilliant P2 front row start with Koen in a very good P8 showing pace to grab a great result for both drivers. As for the race there were ups and downs. Starting with the ups, Midnight managed to convert his excellent qualifying into a comfortable podium in P2! As for Koens race, the pace was definitely there however he dropped back from his grid position to finish in P14. A good week nonetheless and a good effort from both of our drivers!

For the final race of the month for the team in Campeonatos it was the Austrian GP with our driver lineup of Wauters and Midnight. Qualifying was very successful for the two drivers as midnight managed to string a great lap together to achieve P4 on the grid with Wauters in a very respectable P7 setting the team up for a good race start. At the chequered flag at the end of the race however, it was a mixed bag of emotions for the team. Wauters had an incredible race fighting all the way up to P3 securing a great podium and a good amount of points however it was despair for midnight as after he had a great quali session, the race just did not go his way as he came home in p17

FNL Ignition Series

Team Shazoo is officially entering the FNL Ignition Series, the pathway to the Main Series. Being selected as 1 of 10 teams we will be aiming to push forwards and take the title plus the spot into the Main Series which comes with winning. 

Our Roster is soon to be revealed so keep an eye on our Twitter for it.

F1 Results

For the month of May we saw a total of 47 podiums and 27 Victories! FINDaYum was crowned champion in formulaeseries! There were some fantastic wins for the likes of Koen in PSGL and Maddox in VRL_F1 whilst others such as Ace, Kurzy, Christmas and more picked up great results on behalf of the team. It was a great month of F1 results for Team Shazoo this month and we look forward to seeing how our roster can continue to push and achieve these results again in the months to come!

Champions of May

FINDaYum – Formulaeseries Drivers Champion

Koen – PSGL F3 Drivers Champion

Performance Programme Winners (May)

PC – zOnes

Xbox – Felipe

PS4 – Koen



Teemu, Herskari & Jehku took on the Spa 6HR in the LMP2 class. Having recently gotten to know one another they took the car out on track in split 2 and immediately found their groove. Comfortably winning in the end they did have several great battles throughout the race however with P2 underfuelling on the final stint it meant the boys could cruise home to victory and claim a historic 1st special event win since re-energizing the roster. 

Next time we return to the SPA 6HR we will be aiming for Split 1 and hopefully a shot at glory.

iGP F3 Championship

Qualifying: P3, Race: P1 (Marteau)

Qualifying: P1, Race: P1 (Marteau)

Qualifying: P1, Race: P1 (Marteau)


Qualifying: P5, Heat: P4, Feature: DNF (Marteau)

Qualifying: P2, Heat: DNF, Feature P5 (Marteau)

Platinum Racing League GT3 Imola

Qio: Quali: P1, Race P2 

Teemu: Quali P2, Race P1 

Jesse: Quali P5, Race P4

Assetto Corsa: Competizione 

Apex Online Racing


KJGamer – P25 T1

Zelchy – P11 T1

Matteo – P30 T4


KJGamer – P23 T1

Zelchy – P28 T1


KJGamer – P6 T1

Zelchy – P17 T1


KJGamer – P21 T1

Zelchy – P16 T1

Matteo – P19 T4

Racing Club International

KJGamer – P28 T1 (Nurburgring)

KJGamer – P7 T1 (Imola)

KJGamer – P24 T1 (Laguna Seca)

KJGamer – P12 T1 (Barcelona)


KJGamer/JSR – P2 (Zolder)


We have got plenty of vacancies here at Shazoo if you are looking to join the organisation 

Current Vacancies include:

  • General Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Content
  • Head of Simracing
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Graphics Designer

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