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Metsa! A Name infamous with LANdon, a warrior and player who never gives up, he has been at the forefront of rocket league for such a long time it is easy to forget he once played at Shazoo in his learning phase. We can never forget this though.

He was a very warm and friendly character and he always showed the potential that he unleashed on his way to some major finishes, we are grateful for his time he spent in shazoo and hopefully with advice from oneill at the time it at least helped guide him in the right direction.

Similar to so many Rocket League players of ours he went on to do so many successful things in the scene, most notably becoming the E-League Champions and being runners up in the RLCS World Championships.


– E-League Champions

– RLCS Runner-up

– 2-Time Europe RLCS Runner up

– Dreamhack Dallas Runner up

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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