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The foundations were set by this fabulous racer! Kekse.

He was a very fast learner and his rampage through AOR Rookie was apparent always applying pressure to the front runners, towards the end of the season he came into his own and managed to mount a challenge for his team in the constructors with regular podium finishes, and it resulted in a fabulous constructors championship.

The foundations Kekse set motivated us to continue supporting the DIRT scene and we have now expanded with some world class drivers, thank you to Kekse for his input in our journey and the success he brought!


  • Founding member of DIRT side of Shazoo
  • Achieved Promotion to AOR top tier
  • First Shazoo winner of any Dirt event/stages.
  • Constructors Champion under the Organisation.

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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