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One of our First Academy members but most importantly the first one who earned promotion to the main roster which he then confirmed being the right decision by going on to win numerous races.

JORN was a great team player and one who was always wanting to learn more and develop as a driver. When he first joined the team he was eager and you could see his intentions to become a main roster driver, very quickly performing in particular in DRC at the same pace and sometimes above main roster drivers. Continuing this pattern very quickly it became obvious he was deserving of promotion.

Promoting JORN made us realise that the academy system works, not just as a “spot” on roster but the ability to talk with the main roster guys get lots of tips and then practice it, he showed first hand that hard work and attention to detail made results, and since he got into the main roster he went on to win a handful of races in the same season!

For his drive and desire to succeed he made the academy program a success to us and is fully deserving to be listed in the hall of fame!


– First F1 Academy Promotion

– First Academy Driver to win a race

– Winner of numerous Races

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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