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Shazoo is delighted to be bringing back a former programme with much more support than back then. Since the time we closed the programme down we have now gained important staff members in the F1 area which can provide the support the programme needs. As well as more experience in the esports to understand better how to direct upcoming talent.

Tomato, Ewan & Adiearo are the 3 team managers for PS4, Xbox & PC and they are the go to guys for the programme. Above them we also have Ianboy as F1 Technical Director, he is the important piece of the puzzle which will oversee the development of our project and importantly the development of our strategic and setup zone. We aim to become a reliable paltform for aspiring drivers to join our programme and earn promotion to our main rosters.

As it currently stands we have 9 available spots in the academy, 3 per platform, if you wish to get in touch with team managers in each platform links will be below

Xbox –
PS4 –
PC –

Welcome back #SHZa

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