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We are delighted to introduce social races! Whilst it is great to be competitive and at the top, everyone enjoys a little bit of fun in a more relaxed environment and social races helps to bring that! Whether you are joining to learn the track, to race with your friends or just to take part social races are inclusive and aims to help bring the community together in a fun way! Whilst we still expect drivers to hold a certain standard of fair racing a little big of tough racing will be part of the fun.

Bringing in Social races will also allow us to be flexible where SRC isn’t from events that may be 25% races or even 100% or france no rules where we might see cars heading the totally wrong direction. we want this to be fun and we hope that the community get involved and embrace the idea.

Our aim is to bring Social Races to all platforms and hopefully it is something we will be able to achieve over coming weeks & months ahead!

Welcome to #SHZSocialRaces

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