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Here at Team Shazoo we are delighted to be introducing the Hall of Fame, Where we can recognize past and present members for their successes and loyalty.

All members have the ability to be part of the Hall of Fame and must be eligible under any of the following criteria;

– Loyalty to the organisation whilst also showing great levels of success in your field of play OR entertainment

– Outstanding Achiever consistently bringing success throughout the journey in the organisation

– Impact on the organisation which has a lasting impression

– Founding Father, A cornerstone to the development of the organisation in an esports scene by providing great success in said esport.(Applies only to long lasting competitors)

– Progressive entertainer, Combined with loyalty the entertainer has shown great progression in there community growth and achieved a promotion in our tiered system.

– A Winner Beyond, After a successful stint in the organisation the play has gone on to become an iconic figure in the esport scene.

Members can also be grouped together if they were remembered as a team/roster.

We hope this new way of recognition for members will help bring more respect to members past and present efforts and successes and to also let Hall of Famers have a permanent part of the organisations history.

If there was any past/present members who should be a hall of famer, who do you think it should be?

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