Team Shazoo LTD

Started officially in 2015, this organisation has been known in a variety of esports for developing world class talents. From multi-world champions, professional coaches & creators Team Shazoo has been the home of some remarkable talents.

Our Mission

Develop Esports In Scotland

One of our long term goals have always been to develop esports here in Scotland. Through running events, coaching Scottish talents & encouraging new programmes within education we have been dedicated to make sure Esports here in Scotland grows.

Success on a World Stage

By no means an easy feat, we have developed talents that have achieved top honors but never in our colours. We want to change this and long term we will work hard to make sure we can give Scotland an organisation that can be successful on an International Level.

Promote Sustainability

As a business we want to be carbon free & produce little to no plastic waste when possible. Actively working for sustainable solutions across our whole business is fundamental in all our decision making.

To Empower

Via Esports or our clothing range, our mission is equal in that we want to Empower people through choice & through action.


We have a wide array of talented individuals covering important roles to front the development of the brand

Christopher O'Neill


Joey Cottenden

General Manager

Simon Besnard

F1 Roster Manager

Lars Butterman

F1 Roster Manager

Julian Mechelhoff

F1 Roster Manager


F1 Roster Manager


F1 Roster Assistant


F1 Roster Engineer


F1 Roster Engineer

Lukas-Martin von Anhalt

F1 Roster Engineer


ACC Roster Manager

Michael Maclean

iRacing Roster Manager


iRacing Roster Assistant


Smash Roster Manager

Noah Clark



Social Media Manager