F1 Results for Team Shazoo in the Month of December 2022 on the game F1 22.

F1 Results (8/12 - 29/12)

An overview of the F1 results in December.

Race Wins (10)

Jane Trpkov (PSGL F4) - Tony Riche (XRT) - Tom (WOR T1) 

Tony Riche (WOR T4) - Tom (Fantarry) - Tom (HomeOfRacing)

Rowin (PSGL F1) - Jensen (Fantarry) - Bourbonboy (BungaF1)

Ali (XF1) 


2nd Place (7)

Fede (WOR T1) - Steff (PSGL F2) - Tom (PSGL F1) - Piccolo (XRT) Jensen (Fantarry) - Jensen (HomeOfRacing) - Tom (Fantarry) - 

3rd Place (3)

Zane (WOR T1) - Fedex (SRL AC) - Jane Trpkov (PSGL F4) 


4th Place (3)

Kazizzle (PSGL F1) - Steff (PSGL F2) Jan Haladej (PSGL F3) 


5th Place (1)

Rick (PSGL F3)


6th-10th Place (7)

Zane (NRC) - Brock (PSGL F1) - Zane (PSGL F3) - Rick (NRC) 

Ares (PSGL F2) - Rick (PSGL F3) - Kazizzle (PSGL F1) - 


11th-20th Place (6)

Fede (PSGL F2) - Surface (PSGL F1) - Zane (NRC) - Tom (PSGL F1)

Zane (PSGL F3) - Surface (PSGL F1) - 


DNFs (5)

Jensen (WOR T1) - Jensen (PSGL F1) - Rowin (PSGL F1)

Brock (PSGL F1) - Jensen (PSGL F1)


A lot of great results rounding off the end of 2022!



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