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The duo that combined with Oneill in RLCS Season 1 to achieve the best Shazoo Play ins finish in history.

Continuum was a great player who always connected well and managed to form the important middle to keep the team well rotating and moving around, like lots of ex-Shazoo members he went on to do even better things, such as reaching groups of RLCS under “Aeriality” in Season 2 & Groups in Season 4 under “Team Secret”. Always a friendly and helpful person beyond competition continuum has achieved good levels of success.

BicycleThief was actually a late Season 1 replacement to “Kaydop” and with such a similar playstyle to kaydop he quickly became the focal point of a large section of our goals. He forever engraved his name in history of RLCS by scoring the first ever broadcasted goals for Europe coming against “We Dem Girlz” but beyond season 1 he had sporadic success and mainly played sub roles on rosters.

As a Trio outside of RLCS S1 and A Gfinity Cup win they never set the EU Scene alight and once S1 qualifiers had passed the trio split to test out other options, but for there S1 Result alone we just cannot look past awarding this pair alongside oneill.


– RLCS S2 Groups (Aeriality)

– RLCS S4 Groups (Team Secret)

– Leaf League WInner (Continuum)

– PlayStation Plus Cup Winner (Continuum)

– Gfinity Weekly Winners

– RLCS S1 Playins -13th

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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