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Here we have our very first induction into the HoF.

Oneill – Meeps – Vogan – Skyline – Stocki

The Original 5 who really set the Rocket League scene ablaze under the Shazoo & Noble esports name, but most importantly the team in which made Shazoo an important and relevant part of the early Rocket League scene and foundations to the Shazoo we see today.

Oneill – Owner of Shazoo and the original creator alongside Meeps he had early success in the rocket league scene in the team bringing in success in MLG, Gfinity, ESL, Mockit, RLC , Rocket Royale just to name a few events. Peak success was Season 1 RLCS Qualifiers earning 7th place at play-ins losing 1 round from the RLCS championship stage to another member on this list. Has also had sporadic success in the scene with a Gfinity Elite Series Call up under “Method” as a Substitute but overall success in RL specifically in the pre-RLCS era.

Meeps – Close buddy and talented beyond his own belief, he always had the flare and could show up with bags of goals whenever he played, in this 5 was more of a sub role but still had great success when called upon. Arguably left the RL scene prematurely as the highly gifted nature would have allowed for a solid effort pressing for Season 1 RLCS had he pursued it.

Vogan – A strong IGL and very passionate and tactical, Vogan was always destined for a little more, and whilst on the team he regularly showed as the main driving force towards success, his impressive link-up with skyline during there partnership enabled them to achieve some historic results such as clean sweeping the Dominant European force of Flipside Tactics in Rocket Royale. Beyond Shazoo Vogan achieved the success he deserved with a Season 1 RLCS spot in the finals finishing an impressive 4th at the LAN Finals. After retiring Vogan has we believe moved on from the community but he remains a solid part of our history!

Skyline – Probably our star performer always there scoring the goals, particularly in MLG leading the way in the league most the season for Goal scored per game average, Always remained a main figure in the roster alongside Vogan and were the main pair that brought the success into the team, Similar to Vogan went on to achieve even greater things and become the most successful of the 5 with RLCS Europe Top 4 Finish and multiple appearances in RLRS since. Skyline was also the member in RLCS S1 who dropped Oneill and his teammates from the event and managed to successfully get into the League play himself!

Stocki – Joining the roster a few months into its creation when Swarm fell apart, Stocki took over the spot of Oneill for the most part in the team as a player and this is when the strongest Shazoo roster was seen, With Vogan and Skyline alongside this was the formidable roster that took down F3 and dominated several high level tournaments at the time, Always known as a flashy player he has been around the scene of rocket league since most notably Season 4 RLRS finishing 2nd with ” The Juicy Kids “.

This is the team we consider to have created the Foundations and platform for the Shazoo we have today and we owe a lot to the listed players above.

Achievements as a team.

– Rocket Royale Qualifiers (1st)

– MLG EU v NA Showmatch (2nd)

– MLG Season 1 Groups (3rd)

– ESL Weekly WInners

– Gfinity Weekly Winners

– Highest #2 EU Power Rankings

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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