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Never have we come across someone with such a drive and passionate work-ethic. BushiAntz has earned himself a spot in the Hall of Fame through his relentless passion to grow and develop his platform into something he and his viewers enjoy. Despite being in the organisation a short time, He has hit so many targets along the way that he deserves the recognition and with a twitch channel just starting up he will likely be growing expodentially across 2021.

His progression and achievement have been a thrill to watch in 2020!


– 1,000 Youtube Subscribers

– 2,000 Youtube Subscribers

– 3,000 Youtube Subscribers

– 4,000 Youtube Subscribers

– 50,000 Video Views

– 100,000 Video Views

– 150,000 Video Views

– 200,000 Video Views

– 250,000 Video Views

– 300,000 Video Views

History forever engraved. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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