F123 Results Round-Up (June-July)

F123 Results Round-Up (June-July)

Social Races
RESULTS #SHZF1 We have been busy so far in #F123


1st Place
Ruben x2 (RP1 x2) 
Ilton (AEC Social)
Zane (PSGL Social)
Kazizzle (12Hr)
Oscar (AEC Social)
Jensen (HOR)
Ali (ETSR)
Jordy (HOR)

2nd Place
Jordy x3 (HOR, PSGL, Fantarry)
Hasith x2 (PSGL Social, Tv8 Social)
Ruben x2 (RP1, TTC)
Jensen (HOR)

3rd Place
Ruben x2 (WOR Social, AEC)
Kazizzle (PSGL)

4th Place
Ruben (AEC Social)
Fede (PSGL)
Jensen (PSGL) 

5th Place
Ruben (AEC)
Jensen (HOR) 
Zane (PSGL)

6th-10th Place
Ruben x4 (TTC Social, ABS x2, NRC)
Oscar x2 (WOR Social, TTC)
Kazizzle (PSGL Social)
Boberts (AEC)
Wiggo (ABS)
Ewan (PSGL) 
Zane (PSGL)
Hasith (PSGL) 

11th-20th Place
Boberts x2 (AEC Mini, TTC)
Wiggo (ABS)
Ali (AEC)
Jensen (PSGL)

Jensen x2 (PSGL Social, PSGL Social)
Oscar (AEC Mini) 
Ali (FPRL)

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