F1 Results

F1 Results

Hello & welcome to the latest rundown of F1 results here at Team Shazoo.

As you can see we have a lot to look at, so lets hop right in & see how we have been performing.


Race Wins - 27

Jensen x11 (SRL, FRL x2, EML, LOE D1, HOR x3, ERO F1 x3, )
Aurelien x5 (PSGL F2 x2, ERO F1 x2, EML)
Tony Riche x3
 (F1RC, ERO F1, IKR F1)
Tom x3 (HoR, TML, NRC)
Ali x2 (GSRL T1, STB T1)
Rowin (PSGL F1)
Menno (PSGL F4)
Rick (PSGL F3)

2nd place - 24

Jensen x5 (HoR, TML, FRL, SRL, ERO F1)
Aurelien x4 (CR T1 x2, ERO F1 x2)
Tom x3 (PSGL vs WOR, FRL x2)
Jan Haladej x3 (PSGL F3 x2, PSGL F2)
Tony Riche x2 (ORL F1, IKR F1) 
Louis (EML x2)
Ares (CML F1)
Jane Trpkov (PSGL F4)
Menno (XLR D1)
Fedex (ERO F1)
Oscar (WOR T2)
Rowin (WOR T1)

3rd place - 18

Jan Haladej x4 (ORL F1, PSGL F3 x2, IKR F1)
Aurelien x3 (PSGL F2, ERO F1, EML)
Tom x2 (TML, PSGL F1)
Jensen x2 (TML, HOR)
Fedex x2 (WOR T3, ERO F1)
Tony Riche (ERO F1)
Ares (CML)
Rick (EML)
Menno (PSGL F3)
Zane (ERO F1)

4th place - 16

Tim x2 (IKR, ERO F1)
Jensen x2 (LOE D1, ERO F1)
Miltos x2 (ERO F1, PSGL F3)
Rowin (PSGL F1)
Ali (STB T1)
Brock (PSGL F1)
Nelson (ORL F1)
Joey Cottenden (PSGL F6)
Fedex (ERO F1)
Ron (PSGL F2)
Aurelien (PSGL F1)
Oscar (TTC)
Simon (PSGL F3)

5th place - 13

Tim x3 (ERO F1 x3)
Jan Haladej x2 (ORL F1 x2)
Jensen x2 (EGOracingSeries, WOR T1)
Kazizzle (PSGL vs WOR)
Rick (PSGL F3)
Fedex (ERO F1)
Ron (PSGL F2)
Jane Trpkov (IKR)
Aurelien (PSGL F2)


6th-10th place - 43

Zane x7 (PSGL F3 x5, WOR T2 x2)
Jan Haladej x4 (PSGL F3, IKR F1 x2, ORL F1)
Adam x4 (WOR T2 x4)
Oscar x4 (WOR T2, TTC x3)
Tom x3 (PSGL F1 x3, NRC)
Fedex x3 (ERO F1 x2, WOR T3)
Menno x2 (PSGL F4 x2)
Aurelien x2 (PSGL F2, ERO F1)
Ares x2 (PSGL F2 x2)
Jensen x2 (PSGL F1 x2)
Ali x2 (FVR, NRC)
Surfaced x2 (PSGL F1 x2)
Jane Trpkov x2 (PSGL F4 x2)
Kazizzle (PSGL F1)
Kevin (IKR) 
Ron (PSGL F2)
Louis (PSGL F1)

11th-20th place - 39

Jensen x7 (PSGL vs WOR, TML, FRL, PSGL F1 x3, WOR T1)
Adam x6 (WOR T2, TTC x4, NRC)
Zane x4 (PSGL F3, EML, WOR T2. NRC)
Jane Trpkov x3 (PSGL F4 x2, PSGL F3)
Menno x2 (PSGL F4, IKR F1)
Rick x2 (PSGL F3, PSGL F1)
Tom x2 (NRC, WOR:LD)
Brock x2 (PSGL F1 x2)
Oscar x2 (TTC, WOR T2) -
Ares x2 (PSGL F2, WOR:LD)
Hague x2 (TTC, WOR T2)
Jan Haladej x2 (PSGL F1 x2)
Tim (ERO F1)
Surfaced (PSGL F1)
Ali (TTC)

DNFs - 26

Jensen x9 (PSGL F1, WOR T1 x2, TML, LOE x3, WOR:LD, FRL)
Tom x3 (HOR, WOR T1 x2)
Oscar x3 (WOR T2 x3)
Zane x2 (WOR T2, ERO F1)
Jan Haladej x2 (ORL F1, WOR T1)
Ares (PSGL F2)
Aurelien (CR T1)
Zane (NRC)
Jane Trpkov (PSGL F4)
Surfaced (PSGL F1)
Fedex (WOR T3)
Lars (WOR T2)

A lot of result to unpack this last 2 months but overall some very great results!

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