Following up on earliers PC announcement we are delighted to announce our Xbox Platform partners for our Shazoo F1 Academy Program are World Xcelleration League.

After some great discussions and a look at the driving field WXL is a great partner for Shazoo in the Xbox scene, and with WXL being a young league there is plenty of room for growth in this partnership. Also having our driver KjGamer3 as a co-owner of the league helps Shazoo with some Stability in the program making it the perfect opportunity for us to get involved.

How it will work

There will be to begin with a maximum of 2 available spots.

1 spot allocation will go to the Drivers Champion of the current WXL Tier 1 season, the champion is not required to take the spot it is totally there own decision however the offer will be made for them to join our academy, The 2nd available spot will go to Scouting, whether that be inside WXL or a competitor outside the WXL we aim to give someone the chance to develop in this area of the organisation.

Being in the Academy is the first step into the main roster, when inside the academy we will have a 10 race review system, after 10 races we take averages of finishing placement and points tally, from this 10 race review you will either be given: Green, Amber or Red.

Green – If you hit green in the first 10 races you are eligible for Main Roster if you can maintain that over the next 10 races

Amber – If you hit Amber in the first 10 races you are eligible for a permanent Academy Spot if you can maintain or improve over the next 10 races

Red – If you hit red then you are in danger of losing your academy place unless you can greatly improve your averages.

Over at World Xcelleration League they are doing some fabulous things and working extremely hard to provide a entertaining league giving a platform for some of the most raw up and coming talent.

Commentary of the league races can be found at the WXL Twitch channels and on twitter also! so be sure to get following and see who our first Academy driver will be.

We are excited for what the future holds and look forward to deepening our roots into F1 esports further!

#CompeteWinRepeat #SHZF1

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